Cooltura Hub is one of the businesses that started during the pandemic and as understand that sanitation and safety is very important for our ourselves and to rest of our families and loved ones, therefore we started offering purified water that goes through 32 stages of purification, including UV sanitation proven to kill all forms of bacteria and viruses.

The owners are medical practitioners, doctors, medical technologists and educators so this is why we are a registered business and our water was tested by Hydrolab as part of the requirements.

As a responsible business as well, we are a member of the Guiguinto water Station Association, Inc. and participates in various local community projects in Guiguinto.

Aside from being Safe we still offer affordable price for our customers, we accommodate discount to bulk orders, plus we are the only water refilling station that also offers more perks from freebies and loyalty programs.

So you enjoy every drink, dito mas COOL ka!

For more information, contact us today!

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