Oh My Gaz! Ready to Drink Cocktails

Flavorful and very affordable

Octoberfest and we might be missing some club parties these days due to the pandemic and drinking alcoholic cocktails is truly a treat but might be difficult to prepare without a barista.

Good thing Destilleria Limtuaco, the liquor expert is offering ready-to-drink cocktails, GAZ! Here are our options:

1 Liter: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Pinacolada, and Sex on the Beach

200 ml doy pack: Green Appletini and Strawberry Mojito

We can always transfer the cocktails quickly in fancier glasses and the best thing is that these are all very affordable!

We at Cooltura Hub chooses the brand simply because of its iconic drinks like White Castle whisky and Sioktong. They have premium crafted spirits if you want to level up your liquor drinking experience.

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