It’s “Cool” to talk about culture and traditions here in Guiguinto!

Established in December of 2020, in the midst of COVID19 pandemic, we thought of providing a safe venue for our favorite services like premium barber, our flavorful milk tea, and then as we give more perks in essential items like purified water.

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Reminder: Bulacan Bans Plastic Bags Provincial Ordinance No. 2012-09

Provincial Ordinance No. 2012-09: The said ordinance prohibits the Bulakenyos to buy, sell and use non-biodegradable plastic bags, styrofoam and other kinds as packaging materials in the 21 towns and 3 cities in the province. In addition, burning and disposal of the said materials is also prohibited. However, oxo biodegradable plastic made from polyethylene, polypropyleneContinue reading “Reminder: Bulacan Bans Plastic Bags Provincial Ordinance No. 2012-09”


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