Cooltura Hub as a Safe Space

What does it take to be a safe space?

I have been to many places and as part of hotel and tourism industry, I have been very observant of inclusivity when it comes to age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, economic status, educational attainment and many more.

Before “inclusivity” became a term today, tourism has been very welcoming to various guests since we Filipinos are known to b very hospitable.

The month of June is known to be very special for the LGBTQIA+ community but it is a sad reality that just like any communities or groups, there are still many issues that separates them.

As member of the Board of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and as chair for Tourism and Regional Relations, even amid this pandemic we can still be a source of hope and growth.

Cooltura Hub is just like many of my business affiliations, it’s true to its identity to embrace culture from its community. Our venue is limited for now, but soon we envision growth by making every customer a friend or an ally.

Thank you to various media friends for featuring our humble efforts. We make sure that every visit is worth it by empowering them to do better every day as part of his or her family or community. We are taking it, one step at a time.

So what’s in store for the rest of the year?

Cooltura Hub follows strictly the IATF protocols, barber is unfortunately not essential so we can rely on BreaTeaPh refreshments, then suddenly you realize it’s rainy season already. So we added a water refilling station, thus makes us in-demand year-round!

So space is now challenging, but this is where my digital marketing is coming in, I’ll be having more online groups and will support community-based projects.

Just like any of my businesses, I always complement with my online platforms and communities. Please visit my website

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